7 Women Empowerment Program



"Educating a man is educating an individual, while educating a woman is educating a family"


Nepal is a developing country. Education is the basic need and valuable foundation of social and national development. Education has vital role for the personal as well as national development. All the citizens of a country need to be educated. Due to the poor educational statues of our country, most of the people are deprived of education particularly the women. According to national census 2058, 22.7% literacy rate is difference between male & female that’s why nearly 43% men are literate in our country. It shows the discrimination between male & female in our society. Still Nepal has male dominate society they have to boundary in the internal assignment like cooking, child bearing, washing etc. Women can’t go outside without their family permission she can’t also decide herself because of ignorance. This is not the case only in the remote area of our country. It is exist in main cities also. So that women themselves should initiate to establish this fact. Some women are so educated but now nation can’t provide any opportunities for them. They are good for nothing because they are not given priority by the government. Women are not less capable to do work than men if they get any chance they can drive the nation. Moreover, more than half of the worlds’ population is occupied by women. Though they are quite capable as well as men, there are many good example of the courage and capability of women.



Many developed countries are providing equal rights for both men and women. Equality among male & female brings nation unity and leads the country towards equal and effective development. It is said that “Men and women are the two sides of a coin”. According to there quotation the things are not implemented. Many social differences are observed in the society whish destroys the culture, tradition civilization and development process of the society. This matter has been declared as a serious matter in our country. “Support deprived women and children in a rural area in Nepal. Who are illiterate and of low-income, despite their nearness to town. The main issues facing the women of underprivileged included poor cooperation due to the male domination of the society, lack of awareness and financial burden. So we are thinking to start an NGO to give skill orientate training to mobilize women raise awareness about women’s issues such as technical education, income generation and provide training and skills to empower women; and support project generated by women trough training, financial and other support. We currently focuses on lobbying and networking.

This organization will directly translate into empowerment of women and is a Nepali acronym for” training, action research, information and income generation”. It is a development based action research institution dedicated to implementing programs that help in awakening the latent power particularly within women and benefiting that sector of the population who are must in need.