Scholarship program



Education is the process of bringing out the best human qualities that lie within a person. Education helps in identifying, shaping and sharpening the various aptitudes required for the healthy growing up of the child. A major part of the world population is illiterate. Education includes the achievement of basic literacy and numeracy among all students. This also involves laying foundations in science, geography, history and social sciences, which are compulsory. With education, a child develops the basic skills of reading, writing, calculating and basic comprehension of day to day events.


Making this program effective, VEN seeks financial support from various donors and sponsors. This project aims to provide the scholarship of US$ 150 to each child for their schooling education in their own village. The fund received will be directly utilized for the children's school fees, stationeries, outfits and other necessary educational resources. Though the school is located within the village, there is no lodging or accommodation cost which makes this genuinely educational based sponsorship. All your money is going towards their educational needs. In return, you can see and feel the real impact that your support has made as we keep in contact via letters and with regular school reports, photos and updates on each child's progress.



School child sponsorship (US$ 150/Year)


Lot of children from poor family in Nepal are living on less than a half dollar a day, the poverty has stolen their future. They are deprived from the education even in the 21st century so join your hands to Village Environment Nepal from all over the world as we want to bring compassion and justice to the Nepal’s poorest children. Sponsoring a child is just paying for his school expenses like admission fee, school dress, exercise books, text books, pencil, school shoes, school bag and all the materials which are necessary for kids. It costs 150 $ per person per year which means, it is saving less than half dollar a day. From such a small donation bring bright future of a child. The goal of the program is make every single self-dependent and confident in the community. Being a sponsor, you will be given the chance to build a new relationship with one special child who will know you by name as you correspond and share your lives with each other.


VEN has designed this program with the idea, and hope, that small contributions of money and supplies can benefit and even change the lives of many poor and needy children and their parents. Parents play a major role in their children's education, as the children spend the majority of their time at home and only five to six hours a day in school if they attend the school. Therefore, VEN aims to work with children as well as their parents, in an effort to increase the general populations' confidence in the value of education


Who are the beneficiaries?

  • 1)Children from poor family who have left their education incomplete
  • 2) They -who are titled as so called lower casts in their society
  • 3) The orphans who are cheated by their fortune, neglected by their parents
  • 4) Conflict-affected children who are physically and mentally disturbed
  • 5) Children who have been displaced forced into child labor and subjected to various atrocities during armed conflict
  • 6) Sympathy even goes for those trekking/climbing guides and porters who are making a very hard journey in the Himalayas in order to shape the future of their children.

We oath, the contribution you make, directly benefit the above mentioned groups as this project is aimed at empowering all those underprivileged children and community as well. We realize, education is only a powerful tool to combat their misfortunes and shape their future. Since children are the hope of the future, empowered children in the long run will undoubtedly empower the whole community and thus, the entire nation.


How can you help?


Investing in children is investing in the future. You have the will power to make a difference in the lives of these poor souls by supporting this project with your donation. Annually, sponsors will contribute to the scholarship program for these children. The cost to educate one child for an entire year is USD150, which is our ordinary sponsorship program. 100% of the funds collected will go directly to the children for the educational needs. Local guardians will be authorized to utilize this fund for children's education. We have the local monitors who will ensure that the funds are used for the children’s educational needs and who will also evaluate whether the children are really benefited or not. Moreover they will report the children’s progress in school. We will periodically send you the children's regular progress report in every year to assure you that the contribution you made has indeed been useful for the purposes for which it was intended.

With our sponsorship project we are aiming for the long term commitment from you as even in the future sponsorship may require for their High School and University Education. If your sponsored child is extremely talented he/she may even get the golden opportunity to study abroad, which can certainly benefit the world. This is what we believe and plead you for your generosity.


How to nominate the children for sponsorship program?


Firstly, we go to the villages and try to find out about the background and family-history of the child. For verification, we check the facts with the other villagers. When we are sure that we have a genuine case, we ask the guardian of the child to fill the application form and submit it with the supporting documents, duly attested by their school, concerned department and District Development Committee. We then make a profile of the children based on the details then we publish on our website.